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Hey fellows Metalheads ! Welcome to Heavy Metal Addict 🤘

You will find here many vintage bands t-shirt, with a focus on Heavy Metal bands !

You can as well find here the tour t-shirts that you need ! All of the t-shirts here are unique and don't have any repliqua !

Our collections are constantly growing, don't hesitate to look frequently what we offer !

Made by Metalheads for Metalheads :

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If we have created Heavy Metal Addict, it is for one simple reason. Allow our fellow metalheads to wear authentic vintage band t-shirts that have a history and a previous life.

Vintage band t-shirts and tour -shirts that our parents wore during concerts and tour. This the mission of Heavy Metal addict : dress metalhead with clothes that breathe passion for metal.

We find that wearing brand new clean metal t-shirts without a history and a previous life does not reflect our commun passion for heavy metal music (we can keave them to posers).

Fellow Metalhead ! Wear your passion for heavy metal by wearing vintage band t-shirts full of history !

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A sharp selection of vintage band t-shirts

Metalheads to death

Heavy Metal Addict was born from the desire to offer you authentic vintage band t-shirts.  

Being Heavy Metal fans ourselves. We do our best to propose you a sharp collection. On Heavy Metal Addict you will find vintage Metallica t-shirt, vintage Iron Maiden t-shirt, vintage Kiss t-shirt, Avenged sevenfold t-shirt, Ozzy Osbourne t-shirt and many others metal band t-shirts !

We ship all over the world !

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Our delevery methods are fast no matter where you are.

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