Who are the true metalheads ?

Heavy metal was at one point at the top of the music industry and was mainstream.
Before its huge sucess and its media coverage, the heavy metal metal community was restricted to true and authentic metalheads.
A horde of posers and fake fans have inflitrated our ranks even among celebrities.
The last notable exemple ? Kendall Jenner wearing a Slayer t-shirt...
In most cases it is easy to spot posers, but through this article we will see how to recognize true metalheads by answering many questions like :
What are our characterists as metalheads ?
What are our common points ?
What are character traits are most common among the heavy metal communauty ?
Are you ready ? Here we go 🤘

The identity of the Heavy Metal fans ?

First of all, we need to define what a metalhead is right ? Of course there isn’t a generic or a global definition of what a metalhead exactly is, from be being able to characterize someone as being.

Some people who are not familiar with it might think that being a metalhead is transcient. However we know that’s definitly not the case for the majority.


There isn’t any other musical gender that build a fan base that is so strong and so dedicated.

We all know that being a heavy metal fan is not just about the music, there is a whole lifestyle and mindset that goes with it.

In my opinion ( it is only my opinion of course you can desagree with it) being a metalhead isn’t just about your physical appearence, it’s about your identity.

The visual aspect is just a way to recognize us. When you see someone which has all the validation beams, you will be more inclined to go talk to him.

 However you probably run into a metalhead that just doesn’t look like the typical one.


Neverthless you can easily fake that. That’s what a poser do, he disguises himself into someone he’s not.

You can’t fake your identity, there is a lot of things you can't see at the first glance.

 Someone which does not have all the paraphernalia of the metalheads, can also be a metalhead. The thing that define the most a metalhead is it’s passion and knowledge about the metal culture in general.

So more simply don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

I have made a few list about the common point that compose metalheads.

1) The loyalty inside the heavy metal communauty

Like I said earlier, loyalty is one of the dominant charactere trait about metalheads.

You just have to talk to a Hardcore Slayer fan to understand that... Metal fans are true supporter and the best witnesses we have to bear witness to this is the history of the metal music itself.




When a musical gender goes from international success to the underground scene and you still have a strong fan base rooting for you, you know for sure that the bond is strong.

With this we can explain the extraordinary longevity and the comeback of bands like Black Sabbath, Slayer or Iron Maiden (Their Killers album just turn out 39 recently and yet the Maidens are from the NWOBHM… That’s says a lot)



Even underground band are getting strong support on social media by their fans, who share their music, show them their presence in concert and thus drives them to more productivity and hopefully for them to success.

That’s why I had to put loyalty in this list.


2) The heavy metal music is our way to a emancipate and to escape the rules

 That’s the roots of metal, it is this the precise will who is behind the birth of metal / heavy metal.

When Black Sabbath made up their band, the main key point in common was that desire to make music to escape the factory work they were destined to. The very essence of metal is based on this concept.


The music was their only way to escape their condition. Black Sabbath ceated metal so they can tell to the rules and to the society which puts you in a straitjacket « Fuck that shit, I’m doing this my own way ».

Aversion to rules is intrinsic to metalheads.

Many bands dedicated their passion for this music to run from the routine they were destined to by their environment and social position.

3) Metalfans face daily misunderstanding

 Of course one the most common thing all metalheads face is misunderstanding.

We are surronded by people that don’t know anything about the metal music or the metal culture.

Your friends and families think your a weirdo, or that you joined a sect and that you sacrifice baby kittens every full moon night.



So yeah, it’s not easy to face all these stupid prejudices every day, but it's well worth it.

Some folks escape the reality by doing drugs or playing video games, metalheads escape reality by listening to heavy metal, ( or doing all of these) .

A metalhead embrace the music and appropriates it and uses it to heal his wounds


4) A Metalhead always confront his / her opinion

The metal universe is very rich and you can find plenty of sub genres in the metal music, perhaps the fact that metal is so rich lead to strong differences in termes of opinions.

Metalheads always debate to impose their point of view to the others.

There is a lot of question that can lead to debate between metal fans. The most common and timeless one is about the true nature of the metal music with question such as “can we consider this band as a metal band” ?



All the things are endless, you will never succeed to get everyone to agree in your opinion. And get’s what? It’s pointless.

Of course I'm not against argumented civilized discussions but they aren’t the most common one.


5) The respect of the heavy metal patrimony and legacy

There is however some subjects and topic, that everyone can agree on. One of them is the respect of the partimony and history of the metal music.

Every Metalhead have a huge respect for Black Sabbath, because they are the founding fathers heavy metal.

Nobody in the heavy metal community has a problem with Ozzy Osbourne , Ronnie James Dio or Lemmy Kilmister( the list goes on).



Even before heavy metal was born, there was some figure which inspire respect. Jimi Hendrix for exemple was a huge inspiration for all the future metal musician at that time.

Therefore even if you’re not familiar with Jimi Hendrix music, you respect because he was an influence for your favorite band.

His way of playing guitar, the way he reinvented the instrument at that time was incredible and has a huge impact on a large number of metal artist.



To be more clear, everything that came to help the process of the creation and the evolution of the metal / heavy metal music has to be respected.

6) The love for the authentic and vintage Heavy metal t-shirts

Of course I know, i have said earlier that the physical apeereance is not the way to recognize a true metalhead from a poser. It’s true people can fake their apperance to pretend to be someone else.

However a lot of poser wear brand new metal band vintage tee, they don’t come for the vintage one.


Why ?

Because it’s a different investment. Vintage Metal t-shirt are more difficult to find, are very rare, are more expansive and are not always in good condition.

All these factors are a brake on the purchase. A true Metalhead doesn’t care if the t-shirt is torn or has paint stains on it.

The fact is, metal fans buy it for the symbolism, wearing a 80’s Iron Madein tour t-shirt ; when you were at it, he’s very roch in sens.

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