Since I was a kid, my father made me listen to heavy metal music in spite of myself, whether in the car to go to the supermarket or at home after eating.
Any occasion was good for him to put his metal music.
To be fair I wasn’t really into it, until this famous event that completly changed me.
When I was 12 years old, my dad asked me to go to a Heavy Metal concert with him. I accepted more to make him happy than for anything else.  
 After the first concert I was taken into, I understood why my father was a Metalhead.
It was at that specific event. I remember it like it was yesterday, and this memory will be forever engraved.
It was december 16th 1999 in Paris.
My dad took me at a Slipknot concert during their « World Domination Tour » that the band organized to promote their first album « Slipknot ».
heavy metal concert
This evening is still a very important event in my life.
The energy, the atmosphere and the power of the band’s performance have anchored in me the love and the passion of the heavy metal music.
Seeing people having so much fun together through such an intense experience really transformed me.
It was the first time that I saw people share a common passion like this.
At the end of the concert, when we came back home, my dad gave me the Slipknot tour t-shirt he wore during the concert.
He told me this : « Keep it preciously in memory of this incredible evening that we spent together ».
 Even 21 years after that night, when I wear this t-shirt I can see all these memories again.
I remember that increadible sight when I was on my father’s shoulders : people jumping in the crowd, moving their heads, screaming of ecstasy.
heavy metal metal fans
It means much more than a t-shirt for me.
By wearing it, I wear a legacy, a history, a memory.
Since that day a mission had been transmitted to me : being able to make heavy metal fans feel the same sense of accomplishment and pride that I felt that day.
In comparaison, the band’s new t-shirts of my favorite ones that have just left the factory, seems bland and without substance.
Heavy Metal Addict was created by enthousiasts for enthousiasts, who wants to wear authentic clothes, which have a history, an experience and a strong symbolism !
Fellow Metalhead ! Let’s share and cherish our passion and our love for the heavy metal spirit  🤘