Mayhem festival t-shirt 2009


Were you at the Mayhem festival in 2009 ? If you missed it, this Mayhem festival t-shirt 2009 can give you all the memories and the energy spend during the festival.

⚠️ Each t-shirt present is a second hand / vintage t-shirt. They are unique and they have their own history and experience and don't have any replica.

⚠️ The t-shirt that you are watching right now can diseapear at any moment.

The Mayhem festival is a heavy metal is a touring of heavy metal festival which takes place during the summer 🤘

This amazing Mayhem Festival t-shirt 2009 has been made for the secind edition of the festival in 2009.

The first edition of the Mayhem festival was in 2008. Since then the Mayhem Festival has became a ritual for every Metalheads and Hard Rock fans in United States.

  • Size L
  • 100% Cotton
  • Worldwide shipping 🌎
  • Delivered to you in 7 days 🚚

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