Vintage Def Leppard t-shirt 80s


This amazing vintage Def Leppard t-shirt 80s is an incredibly rare tee shirt made in 1987.

⚠️ Each t-shirt present is a second hand / vintage t-shirt. They are unique and they have their own history and experience and don't have any replica.

⚠️ The t-shirt that you are watching right now can diseapear at any moment.

As you know Def Leppard is british rock band that was very popular during the 80’s. Along with many others groups Def Leppard blew up during this « gold age of rock / metal music ».

Wearing this vintage Def Leppard t-shirt 80s is wearing a history, a legacy. It is also a cool way to show that you’re still in a « New wave of British Heavy Metal » kid.

  • Size XL
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in USA
  • Made in 1987
  • Worldwide shipping 🌎
  • Delivered to you in 7 days 🚚

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