Vintage Led Zeppelin t-shirt Angel


Led Zeppelin had been talked about a lot due to their choice of occult symbol. This vintage Led Zeppelin t-shirt Angel is a good exemple of this.

⚠️ Each t-shirt present is a second hand / vintage t-shirt. They are unique and they have their own history and experience and don't have any replica.

⚠️ The t-shirt that you are watching right now can diseapear at any moment.

The Angel symbol used by Led Zeppelin feeded the theories for a long time.

One absurd rumours used to say that the British hard rock band members had sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for sucess and musical skills.

This vintage Led Zeppelin t-shit Angel perfectly represents the aesthetic codes of the band.
  • Size M
  • 100% Cotton
  • Worldwide shipping 🌎
  • Delivered to you in 7 days 🚚

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