Vintage Slipknot t-shirt Nonagram


The Nonagram has a powerfull representation for Slipknot.

It represents the band's unity, loyalty and friendship. By wearing this vintage Slipknot t-shirt Nonagram, you become part of it. 

⚠️ Each t-shirt present is a second hand / vintage t-shirt. They are unique and they have their own history and experience and don't have any replica.

⚠️ The t-shirt that you are watching right now can diseapear at any moment.

In january 1995 Shawn Crahan, Anders Colsefini, Paul Gray, Donnie Stolard and Kin Kong ( guitar), five musicians of the region of « the moines », create a group destined to « break everything ».

 This band is known as Slipknot. This vintage Slipknot t-shirt Nonagram represent perfectly the visual universe of the amazing band.

  • Size M
  • 100% Cotton
  • Worldwide shipping 🌎
  • Delivered to you in 7 days 🚚

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